Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 | Page 41

none more so than the Wilkins-era Kawasaki teams . With Brett delving deeply into dyno charts , analysing those changes and also bringing some outside the square thinking , progress was made . The stock H2R ran 267hp at the crank and 226hp at the tyre in 2017 . Running 112 Octane fuel and with custom mapping by Brett , Scott ran 336.5km / h – but Shane Dixon managed to go 339.4km / h . Faster , but still no cigar . It was time for some physical alterations .
The Ninja was running 15psi of boost , but that was stepped up by changing the gearing of the supercharger unit , which meant there was now 25psi ramming fuel into the big Kawasaki ’ s gullet . Feb 2019 saw the motorcycle speed record tumble with 342.41km / h on a one-way pass and a two-way average speed of 340.53km / h . The team had ticked one box ...
2020 CANCELLED ; MORE MODS The ‘ plague ’ put a stop to proceedings in